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If you have a problem with damaged or missing teeth in Waukesha, one suggestion you’ll frequently hear is to have this damage repaired through the use of either a dental crown or a dental bridge. But what exactly are these items, and how do they help you and your mouth? Here are a few quick and easy answers to settle these questions.

Essentially a dental crown is like a “cap” on a tooth, and that’s another term for this technique. Dental crowns in Waukesha are custom-designed; custom-fitted shells that are built based on measurements of a damaged tooth. They are used on a tooth that has been damaged, has suffered from substantial tooth decay, or has been part of a root canal procedure.

What Is A Dental Crown Made Of in Waukesha WI?

A crown is a hard “shell,” made of very sturdy materials. They are usually formed with porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or even gold. Because of this, they are very durable and, with proper care, likely to last you a lifetime.

What Is A Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is similar to a dental crown but uses a slightly different technique. Where a crown is a single cap that fits on a single tooth, a dental bridge is composed of three crowns joined together. However, the crown in the middle isn’t a crown at all, but a full replacement tooth.

How Does A Dental Bridge Work?

With a dental bridge, the other two crowns are designed to sit on two teeth adjacent to the space where a tooth used to be. In this case, the two teeth may need to be filed and altered to make them a better fit for the bridge. Once the bridge is attached, it’s a snug fit that is unlikely to require further readjustment.

The dental bridge works by restoring a full, artificial tooth where there was none before. This helps to maintain the shape of the teeth, and prevent undue stress for pushing teeth out of alignment.

Are There Alternatives To The Crown & Bridge?

Yes, there are. One other option is known as a dental implant. This involves fixing a titanium screw into your gums and into the bone itself, then affixing an artificial tooth to that. This is a much more comprehensive and permanent solution to either the crown or bridge, but can also be significantly more expensive.

Whether a dental crown, dental bridge, or dental implant is the right solution for your mouth is something you should always discuss with an experienced Waukesha WI dentist. Schedule a consultation with our Hillcrest Family Dental team today.