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Whether it is deserved or not, many people in Waukesha WI experience a certain amount of trepidation or nervousness when they realize it’s time to visit a dentist. For some, this can be so severe that despite the obvious health benefits, they are fearful enough that they don’t go at all.

Much of the source of this fear is traced back to negative experiences with dentists. Maybe as a child, dental visits became associated with painful tooth extractions or other uncomfortable experiences. Over the years, this has turned into general anxiety that is ultimately quite harmful to the oral health of the people in question.

But if the fear of a long or painful experience is the root of the anxiety for a visit to the dentist, there is a possible solution. It’s called Sedation Dentistry.

Be There Without Being There IN Waukesha WI

One of the biggest fears of a visit to the dentist is the idea of a long, painful visit. Even if a local anesthetic is used, a complicated dental procedure can still take up the better part of a day. Sometimes, an anesthetic may not always work as thoroughly as it should, allowing some sensation to get through.

With sedation dentistry, a visit to the dentist is always quick and, at least during the treatment process, painless. The reason for this is because sedation dentistry involves the use of a nurse that is registered as an anesthetist. In most cases of dental work, the only time anesthesia is recommended is during extensive oral surgery, such as a complex wisdom tooth extraction. In these cases, a patient is simply administered anesthesia and is unaware of any sensation or passing of time, only waking up once the procedure is over.

With sedation dentistry, this option to have anesthesia is always available on request. With the nurse present to administer it, patients can come in for a session and simply wake up when it is over. This is without having to experience sitting in a chair for hours as the procedure is underway, possibly seeing the blood, or experiencing fatigue.

If you know that you have a fearful reaction to visiting the dentist or are in for a dental procedure that may take a significant period of time, consider sedation dentistry. While it won’t make dental procedures take less time, it will make them feel that way. You will sleep through the entire appointment and wake up only when everything is finished and you’re ready to go home. Contact our team at Hillcrest Family Dental today for more information.