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Most of the time, dental procedures in Waukesha WI are used to correct a problem that puts oral health at risk. Tooth decay, braces to align teeth, and root canals are problems where extensive oral procedures are required to fix a problem that can impact the long-term dental health of a patient.

But that doesn’t mean that dentists should only be consulted when something goes wrong. In addition to the preventive role that dentists play, a cosmetic dentist can improve what’s already there for more aesthetically pleasing teeth and general oral appearance.

Do You Have A "Gummy Smile" in Waukesha WI?

One of the ways they do this is by helping people with “gummy smiles.” A “gummy smile” is often defined as a smile in which the gums are more prominently displayed than the teeth. In many cases, this simply means that genetics has randomly bestowed a mouth in which gum coverage is more prominent.

In many instances, this is by no means a defect, merely a different, less conventional appearance. For many people, this isn’t an issue at all. As long as regular oral hygiene is maintained, it presents no health problems. While it’s true that more gums show a slight rise in the risk of gum infection, diligent brushing, and flossing dramatically reduce that risk.

However, for people that feel self-conscious, or those that work in a professional media capacity, the gummy smile is seen as a negative. One of the ways to address a gummy smile is with a “Gum Lift.”

What Is A Gum Lift?

A “gum lift” is a surgical technique that was originally developed by dentists to better treat gum disease. It was eventually realized that those same surgical techniques could be used to pull back gums and permanently re-position them so that more of the teeth were visible.

Of course, there are a few conditions you need to meet, such as having a set of teeth and gums that are in relatively good health before the surgery can take place. Also, keep in mind that because this is cosmetic and not for health reasons, this is unlikely to be granted coverage under a typical dental plan.

Gum lifts in Waukesha WI are a safe, effective way of ensuring that your smile is as bright and white as possible. Ask about it today and see what your options are for getting rid of your gummy smile. Call our Hillcrest Family Dental team today.