Root Canal Symptoms in Waukesha


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The words “root canal” conjures up feelings of dread for most people in Waukesha, as this is a dental procedure with a reputation for significant pain. Of course, like many health/medical related anxieties, the 21st century has changed many perceptions surrounding this technique. But one thing is for sure; certain serious problems with your teeth will mean a dentist will recommend a root canal to solve the problem. But what kind of tooth symptoms in Waukesha do you have to have before a dentist makes that decision?

Root Canal Symptoms in Waukesha

Unlike a cavity, which is a problem on the surface of your teeth, a pulp or root infection occurs inside the tooth. It attacks the soft tissue under the hard enamel that you see when you open your mouth and look at your teeth. Because of this, simply brushing your teeth or putting on a filling will not stop this problem, the infection needs to be accessed and treated with antibiotics, or the infected root or pulp needs to be removed. Root canal therapy means cutting into the tooth to gain access to the infected interior to do this.

There is a range of symptoms that may indicate the need for a root canal. These include:


If you have a constant throbbing pain in your mouth, even when you aren’t doing anything like eating, then this probably means that it’s not a problem with the tooth surface itself, but something inside.


If a root or pulp is infected, putting additional pressure on it through chewing will also cause discomfort. Depending on the spread of the infection, this pain may limit itself to one tooth, or feel like a whole area of the mouth is in discomfort.


If you experience pain when drinking something hot or cold, and that pain persists long after the drink has been consumed, this is another strong sign that there is an inner infection.


If you inspect your teeth and notice that the tooth experiencing discomfort is also changing color, this means that the infection is likely inside the tooth and spreading outward to the surface.


Swollen gums near the problem tooth are another sign. You may als experience extreme sensitivity in this area, resulting in pain and discomfort. If the infection is starting to affect the gums, you may even notice a “pimple” or similar growth appearing on your gums.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should contact our Waukesha dental team today and get an examination. Infected roots and/or pulp can be extremely painful and damaging if left untreated. A root canal can put a stop to the suffering. The team at Hillcrest Family Dental is here to help.