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Teeth may be damaged in any number of different ways. Some, like tooth decay, may be an unfortunate result of neglect. Others, like chipped teeth, can result from accidents and other mishaps. Still, others may be a necessary side-effect of treatment, such as the vulnerability of certain teeth after a root canal procedure.

However, modern dentistry is now at a stage where even problems like this don’t have to be things that people need to accept. There are plenty of solutions to help people in Waukesha with damaged teeth, and in the case of a single tooth, that solution is the dental crown.

A dental crown is like a “cap” that is fixed to a single tooth. Dental crowns in Waukesha can be the solution to many issues. These include weakened teeth due to cavities, chipped teeth, or discoloration from illness or infection. The procedure usually involves cementing the crown into place, making it a permanent fixture that shouldn’t require any additional maintenance aside from good oral hygiene.

Who Should Get A Dental Crown in Waukesha

Your Hillcrest Family Dental dentist may recommend a dental crown for you if you have:

  • A tooth that is poorly shaped or discolored compared to the rest of your teeth
  • A tooth that has been chipped, cracked or otherwise physically damaged
  • A weakened tooth that is danger of future chipping or cracking
  • A tooth that was part of a root canal procedure and needs protection now that it is exposed
  • A tooth badly affected by tooth decay to the point that a dental filling is no longer suitable
  • A tooth that is going to be part of a dental bridge process


Just as there are different kinds of teeth, there are different types of dental crowns. The first crown that many will experience is a temporary dental crown, but there are more options available.


This is the crown a dentist will “quick fix” to your teeth if there’s an immediate need for it, while your permanent crown is being manufactured.


This is often a popular choice for children’s teeth because it is easy to make and fix, and can often be applied in a single visit.


Using either cast gold alloys or cast silver-palladium alloys, metal dental crowns require a little bit of removal of original tooth matter before they can be adequately affixed. These types of crowns are both durable but easily tolerated by other teeth.


This is a bit more elaborate, with a metal interior that has had porcelain baked on it. They look much more natural, although there’s a chance that the enamel may erode with time.


These are the most natural-looking of dental crowns, but as with the other porcelain options, there is a chance that they may erode over time. Sometimes they require a touch-up or repair.

Whether a dental crown is right for you is up to you and your dentist to decide. For more information contact our team at Hillcrest Family Dental today.