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White, straight, even teeth are one of the first things many people in notice about people in film, on television, and in magazines. But does this mean that all those people who appear in front of cameras just had the good fortune to be born with a white, straight set of teeth?

Most of the time, the answer to this question is “No.” And that means that these people have gone to a professional to have various dental techniques applied to get those brilliant, perfect smiles.  One of those techniques is known as a dental veneer.

A dental veneer in Waukesha WI, as the name implies, is a thin “shell” that is designed to cover your teeth. They provide a brighter, cleaner, more uniform shape, color, and overall appearance. Veneers are affixed to your teeth to provide consistent color, hide cracks or chips, and provide even, symmetrical lines to eliminate jagged smiles.

A veneer is a customized procedure based on an examination of measurement of your mouth and teeth to ensure a comfortable, natural fit. Veneers are usually made of one of two materials.

Porcelain Veneers in Waukesha WI

Porcelain veneers take more time to apply, which may necessitate more than one visit. This artificial material most closely resembles the natural enamel of real teeth, in both texture and the way it reflects light. Because this is a more complicated, comprehensive procedure, it can take two weeks for a complete veneer application to be completed when choosing porcelain.

However, porcelain is a strong, durable material. Aside from the usual good dental hygiene practices of keeping teeth and gums free of plaque and tartar, with responsible care, you are unlikely to require additional professional maintenance to keep porcelain veneers intact.


With this option, the resin is applied directly to the teeth. Because this is a simpler, easier, more pliable material, resin veneers can typically be applied to teeth in a single visit. However, this convenience in time makes resin a more delicate material, more prone to wear and tear.

This means that, in time, resin veneers may require touch-ups from your cosmetic dentist to maintain their appearance. For people that may only be looking for a temporary veneer treatment, this may be one option for the more expensive and permanent porcelain procedure.

Regardless of which veneer option you choose, a veneer is an optional cosmetic procedure. It is unlikely to be covered by typical dental plans that focus on health and maintenance. If you’d like to know more about veneers and how they can improve your appearance, make an appointment with our team at Hillcrest Family Dental today.