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While we always strive to be careful about our own welfare and that of others, sometimes accidents do happen. Most people know what to do when someone hurts an arm or leg, but a dental emergency in Waukesha WI often renders us helpless about what to do next.

While a professional should always be the final stop in any dental emergency, there are a few things you can do to alleviate some of the problems before going in for treatment.

Toothaches in Waukesha WI

With toothaches, it is always important to gently clean around the affected tooth. Warm salt water is good for removing food and other foreign matter from the area. If there is pain, do not use aspirin, as this thins the blood and is not suitable for an area like a tooth or gums.

Acetaminophen, commonly found in painkillers like Tylenol, is a better alternative. Also, be sure to use a cold compress, and, if the pain persists for more than a day, schedule a dental appointment.

Bleeding After Loss Of Baby Tooth

Get a piece of gauze, fold it, and apply it gently but firmly to the affected area. Have the child gently bite down to apply pressure for about 15 minutes, which should ensure that proper clotting and closure occurs. If this doesn’t happen, visit a dentist for emergency treatment.

Knocked-Out Permanent Tooth

It may be possible to preserve the tooth and keep it in the mouth with quick action. Retrieve the tooth by the crown (top) and do not touch the root. Rinse it for foreign matter like dirt or dust, but don’t clean it too thoroughly and wash off actual tooth enamel. Reinsert the tooth if possible and hold it in place with cloth or gauze.

If this isn’t possible, preserve the tooth in a container of milk or water and make an emergency visit to a dentist to see if the tooth can be properly reinserted.

Broken Tooth

Clean out the area gently with a warm water rinse. If there’s a facial injury as well, apply a cold compress to the injured area to control pain and swelling. If any tooth fragments can be found and recovered, retrieve them, and make an emergency visit with them to a dentist.

Broken Jaw

Prevent as much movement as possible by tying the jaw to the mouth with a towel, tie, or some other cloth that can keep the mouth closed and as immobile as possible. For this emergency, go to a hospital emergency ward rather than a dentist as this may require more general medical treatment.

If an emergency occurs, the most important thing to do is maintain calm. Panic in an emergency situation just means that nothing gets done efficiently. Acting in a calm, controlled manner will do more to solve a dental emergency than panic. Contact our team at Hillcrest Family Dental for more information.