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If you are about to undergo Root Canal Therapy (RCT) in Waukesha WI, then you’re on the way to a comprehensive and very well practiced dental technique. RCT has a 95% success rate. Once the procedure is done, you’ve given your mouth and your teeth the best possible chance for a healthier, more comfortable experience.

But RCT also has a reputation among the general population for being a feared and painful dental procedure. Most of this anxiety comes from the technique itself, which involves removing pieces of your tooth to get at the infected root or pulp underneath. However, in the 21st century, much of the anxiety and nervousness about this procedure is largely unfounded. The misconceptions of the 20th century persist in the new century, but here’s the real truth about root canal therapy and what you can expect once the procedure is complete.

Root Canal Procedure in Waukesha WI

The actual root canal therapy procedure itself uses an anesthetic for the patient, so there is no pain during the process. Where RCT usually gets its reputation is in the discomfort that occurs after.

Because the tooth has been cut, and roots, pulp, and nerve may have been exposed, it’s normal to experience pain and discomfort. The tooth is in a vulnerable state and may be treated with antibiotics to help keep the cleared infection from returning.

After A Root Canal

You can expect your tooth to be sensitive for a few days after the RCT is complete. In most cases, you will have to treat the tooth very gently. Avoid chewing in the affected area, especially if it is still exposed and will be filled at a later appointment. Usually, a permanent filling or crown will be set once it has been confirmed that the infection has healed, and it is safe to move on to providing the tooth with proper protection.

In most cases, you may be prescribed a painkiller to help with the discomfort for the first few days. Follow the directions on the prescription carefully, and if the discomfort persists, see your dentist, or visit a doctor if the pain is severe.

Getting root canal therapy is quite an intensive process, but ultimately, the discomfort will be worth it. In the days following the procedure, you will regain full comfort and control of your mouth. However, it will only stay healthy if you take the steps to maintain a good oral hygiene regimen. Contact our team at Hillcrest Family Dental today for more information.