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How To Brush Your Teeth in Waukesha WI

Brushing teeth is something that all of us do every day. It’s been emphasized since childhood how important it is to perform this daily regimen. We were always told if we stick with it, we can enjoy healthy teeth that don’t require expensive dental procedures.

But while we all acknowledge the importance of brushing our teeth in Waukesha WI, many people still do not brush their teeth correctly. Here are the fundamentals you need to keep in mind to ensure that when you do brush your teeth, you’re giving yourself the maximum amount of protection.

A Daily Routine

In a perfect world, you would brush your teeth after every time you eat. Anytime you put something in your mouth and eat it; you are exposing your teeth to plaque. Plaque attaches itself to your teeth and works to decay the tooth enamel or infect the gums. More plaque coats your teeth with every meal or snack.

While it’s not practical for many people to brush every time food is consumed, it’s important to maximize brushing opportunities. Twice a day is the minimum number of times you should brush. Once at the start of your day, after hours of sleeping and potential plaque build-up, and once at the end of your day after eating and snacking.

Brushing Technique

Contrary to what toothpaste commercials show, only a small, pea-sized bit of toothpaste is required to brush your teeth. Fluoridated, ADA approved toothpaste is essential to proper brushing. Fluoride protects tooth enamel and, in the early stages of tooth decay, can even neutralize and reverse the tooth decay process. Always brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste approved by the American Dental Association.

For actual brushing, do not hold the toothbrush flat against your teeth. Keep it at a 45̊ angle, and be sure to brush both the teeth and the gums. A gentle, circular motion is all that is required, as this mechanical action is what removes the plaque from the teeth. This doesn’t have to be a harsh, violent action, as plaque is delicate and easily removed. Moreover, brushing your gums too hard may cause them to bleed or become injured, which merely presents an opportunity for plaque to infect other parts of your mouth.

Brush both the chewing surface and the front and back of your teeth. The tongue and roof of your mouth can also benefit from cleaning. This doesn’t need to be a long, involved process, and shouldn’t be. With proper brushing, only two minutes are required to properly brush your teeth.

If you use a powered toothbrush, remember to hold the toothbrush at the proper angle. The toothbrush will do the rest as long as you move across all the areas of your mouth. Once again, only two minutes are required.

Brushing teeth doesn’t have to be either harsh or time-consuming. With the right technique, it can be a brief, efficient, but essential oral health experience that is easy to do twice a day. Contact our team at Hillcrest Family Dental today for more information.